Lenovo ThinkPad B470 G460 G470 G475 G560 G570 G575 57Y6454 6 Cell Laptop Battery

REP G460 6C
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Lenovo IBM ThinkPad B470 Laptop Battery

We will send high quality Lenovo ThinkPad B470 Laptop Battery compatible with listed model. This is finest quality laptop Battery available in the market it will replace your faulty (original) laptop Battery. You can expect optimum level of performance just like you were experiencing with your original laptop Battery. The new Lenovo ThinkPad B470 Battery will meet all the specifications so you can experience a consistent performance out of your laptop. There is no need to worry about the reliability of the product as the replacement Lenovo ThinkPad B470 Laptop Battery we ship go through proper quality assurance processes. It is a perfect replacement Battery, and on the top price is also very competitive.


Condition:100% brand new


Number of Cell:6 Cell



Warranty:2 Month

Compatible Battery Part Number121000935  121000937 121000938 121000939 121000992 12100099 121001056 121001071 121001089 121001091 121001094  121001095 121001096 121001097 121001148 121001150 57Y6454 L09C6Y02 L09L6Y02  L09M6Y02 L09N6Y02 L09S6Y02 L10C6Y02 L10M6F21 L10N6Y02 L10P6F21 L10P
Compatible Laptop ModelLenovo IBM ThinkPad B470 G460 G470 G475 G560 G570 G575 57Y6454
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