Baseus 11-in-1 Port Metal Gleam Series Multifunctional Type-C Hub

Baseus CAHUB-CT0G-1
Rs 15,500.00
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TypeType-C to Multifuncation Hub
MaterialAluminum alloy
Output  USB 3.0x3 +HDMIx2+RJ45+ 100W PD+SD/TF+VGA+Aux 3.5mm
HDMI interfaceSupport 4K@30Hz HD
Good forHDTV, projector or monitor to mirror or extend your desktop with resolutions 
Applicablemainstream notebook/phone with Type-C interface


Fast data transfer at your fingertips

Don’t waste time with lengthy file transfers. The 11-in-1 hub from Baseus delivers 480 Mbps transfers via a USB2.0 port and 5 Gbps via three USB3.0 ports. Videos, photos, documents – now everything moves between devices in a flash. SD and TF card slots provide instant access to your files and guarantee speeds of 60 MB/s. Enjoy working efficiently with your data and don’t waste time waiting!


Raise your work and entertainment standards

Experience high image quality with an HDMI port supporting 4K@60Hz resolution. Watch movies, give presentations, play your favorite video games and enjoy every detail on the big screen. The VGA port available allows you to send high-resolution video (1090P@60Hz) to a projector or monitor, allowing you to give professional presentations or expand your workspace. A 3.5mm audio input, on the other hand, provides unparalleled sound quality, allowing you to connect headphones or external speakers to make any movie or music session a feast for the senses.


Stable Internet connection, fast charging

With the RJ45 port, you gain access to fast and stable internet, with speeds up to 1000 Mbps. Forget about annoying signal losses while using WiFi. Baseus cares about your precious time, so it has also taken care of the PD 100 W fast charging protocol using the USB-C port. This allows the hub to instantly recharge your smartphone, tablet or laptop. What’s more, the advanced temperature control technology efficiently dissipates excess heat, ensuring the protection of your devices.


Multitasking without limits

The 11-in-1 Hub from Baseus is the perfect companion for work, study and entertainment. Use it at home, in the office or on the go and enjoy a wide range of possibilities. If your tablet or phone supports OTG, you can connect external drives to it, allowing you to comfortably make more storage space. You can also use the hub to connect peripheral devices to your laptop, which will increase the efficiency of your work.


Elegant design durable construction

Baseus StarJoy Metal Glam Series is not only functional, but also a great design. The aluminum alloy guarantees lightness and durability, while the matte finish gives the device a modern, stylish look. The blue light indicator provides you with instant information about the device’s working status.


Ready for action wherever you are

No matter what operating system you’re working with – Windows, Linux or macOS – the 11-in-1 Hub from Baseus is ready to go. Its lightweight and compact design makes it easy to fit in your bag or backpack, with the essentials always at hand. Choose the Baseus Hub and open the door to a world of unlimited possibilities.


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