Baseus Flash Series Ⅱ 2in3 USB +Type-C To Micro +Lightning +Type-C 100W 1.2M

BASEUS 3IN1 100W CASS030101
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Baseus 3 in 1 USB Cable Fast Charging Type C USB Cable 100W Charging Cable Mobile Phone USB Cable for iPhone Type C Micro


Input: usb+type-c output: micro+ip+type-c support: for huawei, samsung, xiaomi phones, tablets, laptops, power bank, etc.


✨ Baseus cell phone cable for motorola: the baseus usb cable is designed to charge your phone, iphone, ipad, and other devices with ease. it can also be used as an external usb cable for charging in mobile phones or tablets. ✨ Baseus micro lightnight port cable: the baseus micro lightnight port cable is designed to charge your phone, tablet, or other devices without affecting the charging function. ✨ Baseus source with 3 usb inputs: baseus usb cable is a small and portable device that can be used for mobile phones, tablets, laptops, computers, etc. ✨ Customer recommended: we are committed to providing customers with the best customer service and high-quality products. if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. ✨ Excellent product: the baseus usb cable is made of high-quality materials, which can provide you with a long service life. it has excellent performance and durability. ✨ Works perfectly: the usb cable is designed to be a perfect accessory for your mobile phone. it can also work as an extra power supply, or even as a charging cable. ✨ Support 20v/5a, 100w high power fast charge, can quickly charge laptops, efficient & stable. *to charge a laptop, it is required to use a charger above 45w which supports 100w (max.). ✨ Support pd and qc fast charge protocols, fast charging on phones. ✨ Breakthrough in fast charging technology of two-for-three cables, the usb to type-c port supports 5a output for fast charging on phones, tablets, power banks, etc. *non-fast charging state may occur when charging p20, p20 pro.


✨ Very good very happy very fast shipping very good quality prodact. ✨ Allows data transfer for all 3 plug types, one at a time. ✨ Excellent quality and working very well, it can charge three one time this is my second orderhighly recommend the product and seller. ✨ One of the nicest cords i've ever used. if only shipping didn't take so long. ✨ Fast shipping and very nice cable this is 10 times now i order for my friends ;). ✨ The product is as described, the packaging is very good. product received within 20 days. the product has been used and works well so far. thanks to the seller and i recommend dealing with him. i will buy again from the same seller. ✨ Great product. with the good charger, you can clearly operate in the best condition and powerfull !my loading go fast now ...

USB to Type-C: 5A USB to iP: 2.4A USB to Micro: 2.0A(QC 18W) Type-C to Type-C: PD 100W Type-C to iP: PD 20W Type-C to Micro: QC 18W

100W Fully Compatible Dual Head

All Ports are Fast Charging in This Cable

*When charging one device and plugging in the second device, the first device may be disconnected. When charging two devices and plugging in the third one, there is not disconnection reminder. If the power of adapters is insufficient, disconnection may occur due to overcurrent.

Support 20V/5A, 100W high power fast charge, can quickly charge laptops, efficient & stable.

*To charge a laptop, it is required to use a charger above 45W which supports 100W (Max.)

Compatible with PD 20W/QC 18W

Support PD and QC fast charge protocols, fast charging on phones

5A High Current for Fast Charging Huawei Devices

Recognition Chips for Fast Charging Devices

8 Strands of Thickened Cores

Nylon braided
Flame retardant TPE
Environmentally-friendly PE
Tinned copper

Premium Nylon Braided Cables, Exceeding Industrial Standard

Over 3000 pull-off tests

Fast Charging Indicators

Orange:fast charge
Ice blue:normal charge

Smart Recognition and Match

iP: Suitable for charging on iP phones and tablets
Micro: Suitable for charging on Android phones, tablets, power banks and small fans with Micro ports
Type-C: Applicable to Type-C port devices, suitable for Xiaomi, Huawei, Samsung phones and tablets

Tie it up, Tidy it up

Easy to store without twining

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