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Dell Inspiron 1525 9 Cell Laptop Battery (Vendor Warranty)

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Does your Dell 1525 laptop battery life last only a few minutes? Revive your laptop with an extended run battery. This battery is 100% compatible with the Dell Inspiron 1525, 1526, 1545, and 1546 series laptops. Many more compatible laptop battery part numbers are listed below. 

Dell Inspiron 1525 9 Cell Laptop Battery


  • Capacity: 6600mAh
  • Cell Quantity: 9
  • Type: Li-Ion
  • Compatibility: Dell Inspiron 1525 1526 1440 1545 1546 1750
  • Part number: 0C139H 0C601H 0CR693 0D127H 0G617H 0GW240 0GW241 0GW252 0HP277 0HP297 0J410N 0M911G 0N586M 0P505M 0RN873 RU573 0RW240 0UK716 0WK371 0WK380 0WK381 0WP193 0X284G 0X409G 0XR682 0XR693 0XR694 0XR697 0Y823G 312-0625 312-0626 312-0633 312-0634 312-0763 312-0844 451-10529 C139H C595H C601H CR693 D127H D603H D608H F632H G617H GP252 GP952 GW240 GW241 GW252 GW952 HP277 HP287 HP297 LDE-66 M911 M911G N586M P02F P02F001 P505M PD685 PP29L PP41L RN873 RU573 RU583 RU586 RU591 RW240 UK716 WK371 WK379 WK380 WK381 WP193 X284G X409G XR682 XR693 XR694 XR697 Y823G


  • 4 Months Warranty

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